• Creating an article solely to attack another user is not okay. Similarly, your post on the adoption thread was not appropriate.

    You have not edited here in five months, and one of your last actions was to block someone who had barely edited here, for the express purpose of trying to blockage a future adoption.

    While we are aware there is a long history between you two, this kind of behaviour needs to stop.

    If you have concerns about another user, bring it to Special:Contact.

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    • The ban was to solely block Team69Roll from adopting the wikia. As I have abandoned this project, I would gladly give the name and wikia rights to someone else, however not to the user in question as his reasons are absolute crap, for the want of a better phrase. I justify this with the knowledge I was banned from his wwewrestking wikia & budosystem wikia projects without making a single edit. Further justification isn't neccaserry.

      Granted, I am willing to admit making a page for a personal beef was a step over the line and although I will apologise to the wikia staff for it, I will not apologise to him as he more often then not is the first to make the personal attacks, only to delete it and point the finger when the roles are reversed.

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    • These kinds of blocks really only serve to extend the animosity between the two of you. If, by your own words, you have abandoned a project, it is not appropriate to use blocks simply to influence who can and cannot adopt it.

      I realise the block is months old at this point - but I would strongly encourage a laying down of arms between you both (i.e. no more pre-emptive blocks), though I would suggest still staying out of each others way. This will similarly be communicated to Team69Roll.

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